Credit Card Processing Solutions
Exclusively for PHOTOGRAPHERS!!
Hassle free merchant accounts from an Expert who lives with a professional photographer!
Free Card Reader - No Monthly Fees!
As Low As...

1.35% for debit cards, 1.75% for qualified cards available to merchants paying monthly for service.

2.69% for all major credit cards applies to No Monthly Fee merchants.
  • 68% of my customers are photographers
  • Free App & Card Reader
  • No Processing Limits
  • No Contracts
  • Accept payments In your studio & on location
  • Virtual terminal for phone orders
  • Send payment requests by email
  • Gateway for online Orders

From the desk of ...

Christopher Swift
Processing Expert, Founder
NoblePay Inc.,
Dear Photographer,
Can't Decide "Who" To Work With?

That's no surprise. The credit card industry is rampant with "do anything, say anything" salesmen.

But do any of them really understand the needs of a photographer?

I can honestly tell you I'm likely the only person in the credit card processing industry who lives with a photograher becuase I'm married to Paula Swift of Paula Swift Photography in Boston.

I can tell you first hand that most credit card processors are only concerned with 3 things...

Convincing you they have the best deal
Locking you into a contract with hidden fees
Making sure you never call them to complain

Sadly, when I first started that's what I did. My mentors taught me to close the deal and not worry about the consequences.

After 15 years helping businesses setup merchant accounts I made those same mistakes just like my competitors. But I always felt guilty pushing people into a contract that wasn't in their best interest.

The fact is that most salesmen hide:
Your True cost to process transactions
The Real Bank rates you will be charged
Hidden Fees buried in your agreement
Bait and Switch Schemes to lock you down


That's why I created Noblepay Inc., I wanted to help business owners learn what to look for, and help them avoid paying through the nose over time. I wanted them to know that they can get a merchant account and talk to an industry insider that has no hidden agenda beyond getting them a fair deal. I wanted to build a business with integrity and serve my clients best interest

When my wife Paula decided to start a photography business 10 years ago I quickly became the go to person that photographers were calling to get honest answers and help with collection payments from their customers. This is when I decided to create PhotoPayments.com.

I knew that so many photographers needed a way to collect payments. They needed a simple way to collect a deposit prior to a session. They needed a way to let clients view images online and pay. They needed a way to offer payment plans and send invoices and now the need to use their smart phone or tablet to take payment on location or in their studio!

The problem was there really wasn't a person who understood them!

I can proudly say that I serve close to 2,000 photographers!

I've worked very hard to bring you the payment solutions you need to succed in your business.

I represent the Authorize.Net & NMI gateways you need to make your online shopping cart experience easy for your clients. There's no disruption to your business just a better experience at a lower cost. Setup only takes 30 seconds to configure and I'll do it for you!

I know many photogrphers have been using Square for their mobile phone payments but most have complained about not being able to pick up the phone and talk to a live person!

I've solved this problem by aligning myself with phoneSWIPE which is no nonsense merchant account plan. I can give you all that Square offers at a lower rate with Phone Support!

With phoneSWIPE , You only pay when you use it - there's no monthly fees! There's no contracts, and you pay one simple rate whenever you swipe or type in a card.

You a get a free app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry and you even get a FREE phoneSWIPE card reader in the mail after you're appoved.

If you need a payment gateway & virtual terminal for the rest of your business I'll give you a free phoneSWIPE account so you have all your based covered.

One more thing, it only takes a few minutes to apply and most photographers get approved in about an hour!

Like I said, this plan "is what it is" - a no-nonsense plan that costs you nothing if you don't use it.

phoneSWIPE really sells itself but if you have questions call me at 866.765.3151 ext. 301

Like I said earlier, I built this website to help photographers just like you, learn how to collect their money without having to deal with annoying games normally found when setting up a merchant account. I live with a photographer and through Paula, I share the good, the bad and the ugly of running a photography business. You'll always be able to pick up the phone and talk to me and get straight answers with no fluff or hidden agenda.

You're for Transparency

PS: You risk nothing by setting up your phoneSWIPE account - It costs you nothing! You get a FREE phoneSWIPE card reader, and you never pay a monthly fee. You only pay 2.69% of the amount you process when you swipe a card. And most important, you get phone support!

PPS: Looking for lower rates? Not a problem, when you pay a low monthly service fee you'll pay 1.35% when you swipe a debit card and 1.75% for regular cards. You'll pay 2.09% on all internet & phone orders

About the Founder of NoblePay

Christopher Swift is an entrepreneur with a knack for payment technology and teaching. He helped found several bankcard businesses since graduating from Fitchburg State University, Delta Phi Pi in 2005.

Having never had any formal credit card training, Chris has experimented with every known credit card payment system on the market. He has founded several processing companies. Prior to NoblePay, one of his companies was even acquired by a publicly held corporation.

Chris has dedicated his life to helping photographers use payment technology to grow their businesses. He is a nationally-recognized Internet innovator who loves to share his knowledge with photographers. A mobile payment advocate and passionate ecommerce marketer, Chris makes it possible for any photographer to take credit payments online, with their mobile phone, at home or on vacation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Chris by your side, you will never turn down a single payment by credit card.

Chris lives in Framingham, MA with his college sweetheart and their three beautiful children. He is an avid hockey fan and still plays 2 nights a week. Chris enjoys coaching his boys’ football, hockey & baseball teams and spends most weekends at his family's beach house in Maine.

Can't Decide "Who" To Work With?
PhotoPayments will change
the way you do business...
Try it

NoblePay has helped me take my business to the
next level! Offering credit cards has increased my sales and has helped me save time & money!
NoblePay offers very reasonable payment structures for those just starting out in business or just starting to accept credit card payments. Chris was very helpful during the consultation and setup process and his continuing service is exceptional!
Melissa Yokofich
Owner, Studio M Photography
We know we're getting a better rate with NoblePay & Photopayments! A local credit card rep cam into our studio and asked to see our statements (assuming he could do better) and said he couldn't give us a better rate and he'd be wasting our time.
Chris understands photographers and is easy to talk to. I think we made a great decision to use Chris!
Kelly Schoeberl
owner, Olive Juice Studios
My last processor sold me on a nice low rate but didnt tell me how many hidden fees there were. My bill would literally come with hundreds in extra charges.
With NoblePay I know what Im paying. I get clear, concise billing, no hidden fees or up front costs and the lowest rates. Thank you, Chris!
Kristina Carter
VRAI Photo
Chicago, IL
Since I made the switch to NoblePay, I've found that I can have my payments processed online with very little time involved. it's easy to enter credit cards into the virtual terminal for my session deposits.
I can even setup monthly recurring payments that are processed automatically - a real time saver!
Heather Frackiewicz
Managing member, Love Bugs Photography
"After years of complete frustration with a couple "other" credit card processing companies, I decided to give NoblePay a try. WOW, they beat my expectations.
Thank you Chris and NoblePay for finally giving me a stress-free and professional credit card service I am proud of."
Theresa McKendrick
Owner, Theresa Marie Photograhy
studio picture
studio picture
PhotoPayments will change
the way you do business...
Try it